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Peri–operative Team

Assistant Surgeons

The perioperative period is the time period describing the duration of a patient’s surgical procedure which includes admission, anesthesia, surgery, and recovery. Perioperative period involves three phases of surgery: preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative. The goal of perioperative care is to provide better conditions for patients before operation, during operation, and after operation.

Mr Li operates at both St Vincent’s (East Melbourne) and Glenferrie Private Hospitals. Both hospitals are fully accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) which ensures that hospitals provide the highest standards of patient care, health, safety, comfort and service.

Furthermore, Mr Li has operated at both hospitals since commencement of his practice, and he is provided with regular nursing staff who are familiar with his surgical preferences and have available all equipment required for his surgeries, even in the unexpected cases.

Pre-operative assessment commences with the initial consultation performed by Mr Li when he not only assesses your musculoskeletal condition but should you require surgery, your fitness for surgery.

If you have significant medical co-morbidities, then Mr Li will refer you to Dr Tim Lightfoot (Physcian) for pre-operative assessment and medical optimisation. Pre-operative planning minimises the risk of intra-operative and post-operative complications.

An anesthetist provides anaesthesia for the surgery and also post-operative analgesia. The role of the anaesthetist is to make your surgery and recovery period as safe, painless and stress free as possible. The anaesthetist will visit your before your procedure to discuss your medical history, the type of anaesthesia and pain relief you will be prescribed. You will have an opportunity to voice your concerns and highlight any other anaesthesia related issues you have.

The assistant surgeon is a fully qualified medical practitioner who has had surgical experience and is integral to the performance of the surgeon. They assist with all facets of the surgery and in addition to being an extra set of hands eg.to hold retractors and position the limb, the surgeon’s assistant also helps co-ordinate the flow during the procedure to ensure efficiency.

During surgery, the operating theatre team consists of a scrub nurse who sets up the instruments and prepares these as required by the surgeon for that particular case. A scout nurse circulates to ensure any instruments or equipment required unexpectedly is available immediately.

A theatre technician is there to aid in the set up of the theatre under the strict guidance of the surgeon. He will ensure all ancillary equipment eg. Motorized/power tools, diathermy, suction etc is functioning and positioned appropriately.

The nursing team at day procedure unit, on the general and rehabilitation ward are all trained for the peri-operative management of the surgical patient.

Post operative care involves not only nursing, but also rehabilitation, and physiotherapy is provided on the day of surgery and also during your inpatient stay at the hospital. Mr Li’s in-hospital physiotherapy team will provide you with guidance and instructions for the early post-operative care following your surgery and will inform you of the restrictions required to protect you but also the exercises to be performed to prevent post-operative stiffness and maximize return to function. Physiotherapy will be then arranged on an out-patient basis at a location closer to your home or place of work. Mr Li has many physiotherapists whom he refers to, but should you have a preferred physio, Mr Li would be more than happy to provide appropriate documentation to guide your physiotherapist accordingly.

In summary, your peri-operative care will involve many health professionals, all of whom are highly trained. More importantly, Mr Li’s team is not only experienced individually, but also together they have worked as a team for many years, and it is this continuity which strengthens the unit, and ensures the delivery of the highest standard of care for you – the patient.



Dr Jenny Carden

Dr Carden is a Specialist Anaesthetist who graduated from the University of Melbourne Medical School in 1985. After her residency she trained as an Anaesthetist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital from 1988-1991 including sub specialist rotations through the Royal Womens Hospital, Royal Childrens Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.

In 1992 she worked as a Fellow in Anaesthesia in London, England. From 1993 -2008 Dr Carden worked at Monash Medical Centre as a Specialist Anaesthetist.

Dr Carden has worked in full time Specialist Anaesthetic practice since her return in 1993. She is in private practice with the Victorian Anaesthetic Group (www.vag.com.au).

She is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (www.anzca.edu.au).

She is a member of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (www.asa.org.au).

Dr Carden sits on the Victorian Consultative Council on Anaesthetic Morbidity and Mortality (www.health.vic.gov.au/vccamm/).

Dr Carden has worked on taskforces and represented the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists on government workgroups.

She is a past Chair and member of the Board of the Victorian Anaesthetic Group.

Dr Carden is a volunteer with the Vietnam Vision Project- a group of volunteers who perform cataract surgery for the poor people of Vietnam. She travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia in 2008 and 2009 and 2011 (www.vvp.org.au).

Dr Carden has a special interest in Orthopaedic Anaesthesia, Anaesthesia for Bariatric surgery and anaesthesia for Eye surgery.

In her spare time Dr Carden enjoys golf and skiing.

Dr Carden has been anaesthetising for Mr Li since he commenced private practice in 2005.


Dr Adam Molnar

Dr Adam Molnar graduated from Monash University with honours in 1992. After completing his specialist anaesthetic training he become a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College in 2000. As such he has completed the most thorough anaesthetic programme in the world.

From 2000 to 2003 he was a specialist anaesthetist at The Alfred where he developed a special interest in anaesthesia for complex trauma and orthopaedics. He was also heavily involved with transplant and cardiac anaesthesia.

In 2003 Dr Molnar joined The Victorian Anaesthetic Group (www.vag.com.au) and commenced private practice. His major interests are providing anaesthesia for orthopaedics, colorectal, plastic and gynaecological surgery. He has developed a special interest in regional anaesthesia and management of postoperative pain.

Dr Molnar prides himself on providing the highest level of anaesthesia for his patients.

He is a member of the Australian Society of Anaesthesia.

In his spare time he loves spending time with his three children, playing golf and enjoying good wine.

Dr Molnar has being providing anaesthetic services for Mr Li since the commencement of his practice. During these years they have developed a sound and efficient working relationship.


Dr Bertie Weitkamp

Originally from Germany, Dr. Weitkamp completed his undergraduate training at the University of Munster before moving to the UK. Here he completed his specialist training in Anaesthetics and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA) in 1996.

He then moved to Australia in 1998 and completed a 1-year fellowship at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. On his return to the UK he worked as a consultant in the north east of England but returned to Australia permanently in 2001.

Dr Weitkamp became a Fellow of the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists in 2002 and was a staff anaesthetist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne between 2002 and 2008. During that time he specialised in cardio-thoracic anaesthesia.

He holds a diploma in transoesophageal echocardiography from the University of Melbourne and has published in this field.

He now works mainly in private practice and joined VAG in 2008 (www.vag.com.au).

He lives in Melbourne with his wife and 3 children.

Dr Weitkamp has been anaesthetizing for Mr Li since 2011.

Assistant Surgeons


Dr Bao Nguyen

After completing medical school at The University of Melbourne, Dr Nguyen was a resident at The Austin Hospital. During this time he fostered an interest in surgery which lead him to a Non-accredited Orthopaedic registrar position at St Vincent’s Hospital. During that 18 month period he learnt all aspects of orthopaedics, especially arthroscopy and joint replacement surgery.

Since 2003 he has worked as a full time Assistant Surgeon specialising in Orthopaedic surgery.

Dr Nguyen’s experience compliments Mr Li to provide a safe operation with the best results to his patients.

Dr Nguyen has been assisting Mr Li at surgery since he commenced private practice in 2005.


Dr Julien Freitag

Dr Julien Freitag is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Registrar. He obtained his medical degree at The University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Medical Science based at the Australian Institute of Sport. He is an accomplished doctor and has a background in orthopaedic, emergency and trauma medicine.

He has completed a research thesis on ‘Drugs in Sport’ and worked closely with scientists at the AIS to develop a test for detecting erythropoietin use amongst athletes.

Julien has been the team doctor for the Frankston Dolphins VFL team. He has worked closely with Cycling Australia at the Tour Down Under and also as the race doctor at international World Cup Road and track cycling events. He has also had experience as an event doctor covering athletics, tennis, netball and many other sports.

Julien is a keen triathlete having represented Australia at the World Duathlon Championships and competed professionally in the Belgium Super Prestige Series. He remains heavily involved in triathlon – both as a competitor and doctor.

Areas of particular interest are injury prevention, high performance training, rehabilitation post injury and biotechnologies.

Julien is actively involved in research within the area of musculoskeletal medicine and has published several articles on biotechnology therapies such as Platelet-rich Plasma.

Dr Freitag was Mr Li’s registrar at Alfred Hospital in 2007 and has been assisting him at surgery since 2008.


Dr Paul Nguyen

Dr Paul Nguyen is a full time Assistant Orthopaedic Surgeon with over 10 years of surgical experience. He has taught students at Monash University School of Medicine, and has participated in research which he has presented the research at conferences, including the Australia Orthopaedic Association.

Dr Nguyen was Mr Li’s resident at Alfred Hospital in 2008 and has been assisting him at surgery since 2010.



Lena Fiddelaers

St Vincent’s (East Melbourne) Private Hospital
Lena Fiddelaers is a physiotherapist working for the past 15 years, specialising in the treatment of upper limb musculoskeletal disorders and the rehabilitation of post operative shoulder conditions including rotator cuff repair, stabilisation and joint replacements.

Lena works closely with Mr Li to maximise functional outcomes and assist return to work/sport and leisure activities.

She provides in-hospital physiotherapy for Mr Li’s post op patients and also sees his patients in his East Melbourne rooms.

Lena also practices physiotherapy privately in her clinic at Level 8, 166 Gipps St, East Melbourne. To make an appointment please ring (03) 9415 7730.


Matt Hopkinson

Glenferrie Private Hospital
Matt is the Practice Principal and has over 15 years experience as a Physiotherapist in Public and Private Hospital settings; working primarily within orthopaedics.

He has also owned private practices treating everything from headaches to sore toes.

Matt was also fortunate to work for Hawthorn Football Club, initially as a Sports Trainer and then a Physio from 1988- 2001 when family commitments took priority.

Matt is also interested in Cooking, Cycling, Fishing and has a keen passion for eHealth.


Nick Bridges

Glenferrie Private Hospital
Nick has a double degree in Physiotherapy and Ergonomics through LaTrobe University. He has experience working in Hospitals, Private Practice as well as offering workplace advice.

Nick also currently works out at Tullamarine airport supplying Physiotherapy services to airport staff.

Unfortunately he informs us that he cannot get us cheap airfares.

Nick is a Geelong boy and loves supporting his Cats, but we wont hold that against him. He also enjoys Surfing, Skiing and Drumming!



Dr. Tim Lightfoot

Dr Tim Lightfoot is a consultant physician at St Vincent’s Hospital and Mercy Hospital for Women. He is Director of the High Dependency Unit at St Vincent’s Private Hospital (East Melbourne) and has been a consultant in Perioperative Medicine since 1998. He also consults at Epworth Hospitals (Richmond and Freemasons). For appointments, contact his rooms on 9419 9699.


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